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Hey, I’m Hannah! Owner of HDphotography, and this blog (obviously).

If you have read my stories and thought, “wow, I am concerned for her safety.” or “can’t wait to do this again, but with my own neat mistakes!” or “oh she seems fun!”, I agree with all of the above.

I am here to attempt to make your travel life easier and drop some do’s and don’ts ~but like, in a fun way.~

Life is supposed to make you uncomfortable, and boy is my favorite past-time being uncomfortable (and making you uncomfortable). Kinda like how I keep saying the word, “uncomfortable”. gross.

I am a huge fan of doing things that are new, especially if it is a little challenging. the act of being alive, in my opinion, is simply made of moments, and you get to decide where those moments lead. I have chosen to fill mine (as much as possible, I am only human okay) with powerful moments- the kind that you just can’t grasp while it’s happening- the kind that refill your soul on the deepest level.

So anyway, I’m Hannah. I studied PR, mass communications, and international communications in college. I have a super cool chocolate lab named Scout. I grew up moving every two years and I do absolutely give credit for my need to get OUT to that along with connecting with adaptive and passionate people my entire life. I run half marathons on the St. Jude Hero team because I have a big big passion for that place and everything they stand for. I’m queen of running late because I have dipped my toes in everything possible and my brain’s to-do list is constantly filled to max capacity so time is irrelevant. I’m loyal, loving, and overly forgiving but undeniably uncomfortable in social situations so you gotta learn to love me and my rbf, alright. I live to make more stories to tell and I love hearing yours. I believe comparison is the downfall of society and once we accept that we are ENOUGH, we can make incredible things happen. Sooooo, yeah- if you made it this far, congratulations! Thats my elevator pitch, if we were going to the 56th floor. Now you know it all and we can be friends!